Sound Component: clicks

Example 15 (hc6@8)

C has suggested going to the beach; H responds by describing her homework assignments
Hlike I haven't like corrected my paper, and re-printed it
C [click]-oh (slightly breathy, low fairly flat pitch)
whole context

Example 16 (mn00@54)

M is trying to find a new topic at the start of the recording session
M aoo (creaky), let's see what other exciting things have been, worth chatting about. click uuuuuuu (creaky). (3 second pause) click Really good low budget movie you might want to rent . . . (M describes movie for 25 seconds, X seems uninterested) . . . click was quite well done.
X(3 second pause) I'm probably not going to rent that any time soon, because (changes topic)

first half of whole context second half of whole context

Example 17 (fn02@6)

E is trying to describe simply a highly technical line of research
Xso, what are you doing, actually?
E well, hhh-uuuh, at the moment I'm doing phonological modeling, and essentially trying to get, umm (pause) click Trying to develop models of . . .

whole context