Near Grunts

Example 28 (mv7@34)

V had asked M to go shopping with him, but M had then changed the topic
V So I have to find a pair of running shoes, still; to get back to that topic, because, I need a pair.
MWell, we'll see what we can do.
V alright . Because I want to go running . . .

Example 29 (mn06@21)

M is discussing a disturbing Japanese web site found while surfing
M It was very much an . . . fascination with rape
M it seemed,
M which was kind of, odd.
XIt is true, that Japanese comics, right, there's a lot of them are really violent
M mright , right (creaky)
Xlike you can, just, [click], but those, yeah, yeah
M but I mean it, I, you know, better to exist on the funny pages than to exist on the street, I suppose, assuming that's the choice

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