Sound Component /m/

Example 1 (fn02:35)

discussing effects of speaking rate on phonology probabilities
Egoing to be different than if they're, uh , talking much more slowly,
Eso, umm [3 second pause] so, uh , the stuff that we did at

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(the unlabeled vocalizations in the figure are noisy exhalations, salient partly due to incorrect microphone placement)

Example 2 (mn02:12)

after some talk about television, children, and violent play
Nand this video was about Ultraman . . . most of it's not too violent . . . but there is a little bit of stabbing and stuff
Nand so he came home and he was stabbing poor little Henry
M nyaa-haao
Nyeah, I, I felt.
M mmm
Nwell, I mean, yeah. [click] I was pretty annoyed.
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Example 3 (tn01:18-25)

T is halfway into a story involving himself, his son, and his daughter
T\em my son was working in Bo-, uh, Boston, actually Cambridge, at the time
O m-hm

Example 4 (tn00:30)

T and O have just donned head mounted microphones for recording
Tonce had to wear one of these riding in the back seat of an airplane, because the airplane was so noisy
O uh-huh
Tthat the only way the four people in it could talk, was with earmuff earphones . . .