Sound Component /n/

Example 5 (hc3:1-15)

C has applied for a summer-abroad program
HI bet you'll hear something soon.
CI hope so. I just turned that in, though, like. A couple weeks ago, so.
H yeah (slightly creaky)
C you know what I mean, so
H yeah , it might take a little longer
C nn-hn

whole context

Example 6 (vf6:27-35)

A is illustrating the difficulty of working with the International Phonetic Alphabet
A she had to count them by hand from the print-out, because didn't have any way of searching for these weird control characters
J nyeah-nyeah (low flat pitch, overlapping as A keeps talking)
Anow I mean she could have gotten something that might have been able to do it, but
J(interrupting) It's a pain, yeah

(in this recording there is pitch bleeding from the lower track to the top one)

Example 7 (mv0@19-38)

at the start of a recording session M throws out a first topic
MSo, V, tell me, tell me what you saw on the train, that, because I slept for an hour in be-, sort of in the middle
V well, I slept, I slept for most of the train ride, actually. The one up here?
V the Tokyo, the Tokyo, train ride, the Shinkansen
Mso, did you have a problem with your ears popping?
V nn-nnn. You did?
MYeah, I did, actually ...