Example 26 (hc1@11)

discussing a party they might go to
H Is it like a party, like, ``rave'' type party? or like
Cwell, it's someone's house
H yeah
Cthere's going to be, I mean there's like, they're going to be spinning. So, in that sense, maybe, but it's just at someone's house, like
H yah-yeah
Cit's in the middle of the night, that too, but.
whole context

Example 27 (tn16@5)

O can we turn here? can, can we make a right turn here?
TIf you say so
O um , oh , I guess we can't (embarrassed laugh). No. (laugh)
Twhat? no.
O uuuh . hmm ,
Tshould we turn around and go back for something, or what would
O uh-mm . . . (waits until the next intersection comes up before deciding)