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Links on Study and Research in Japan

Overall Guides for Students

The Student Guide to Japan is a very good starting place.

Information on Study in Japan at the Japan Student Services Organization contains a wealth of information.

Study in Japan: Comprehensive Guide is another information-rich official site.

International Students Guide Book includes some good general information.

Raccoon Association Guide for International Students in Japan consists of links and lists collected by/for foreign students in Japan.

Specific Scholarships and Programs

Monbukagakusho (Monbusho) Scholarships (Chicago Japanese Consulate) outlines the program.

Japan Foundation has information on cultural exchange programs for Ph.D. level scholars (in English and Japanese).

The University of Tokyo Special Graduate Program for non-Japanese Students in Mechanical, Electrical, or Materials Engineering is an interdisciplinary program with a fair number of generous scholarships.

For Researchers

A Practical Guide to Working as a Scientist in Japan (by Robert W. Ridge) provides advice, experiences, and anecdotes.

Japanese Science: From the Inside. (by Samuel Coleman. Routledge, 1999. ISBN 0415201691). focuses on career structures and organizational issues.

Working In Japan, An Insider's Guide for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition (Hiroshi Honda. ASME Press, 2000. ISBN 0791801527.) discusses trends and issues, and includes anecdotes.

Science, Technology and Society in Postwar Japan. (Shigeru Nakayama. Kegan Paul International, 1991. ISBN 0710304285.) has big picture discussions of science and culture with lots of facts and historical perspective.

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